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Eye care

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Dr Raymond S. Chow is dedicated to providing his patients with the most up-to-date technologies and therapies in Optometry. Quality care results in the best vision correction, and along with our great selection of frames and lenses we can ensure you see well and get the best options for your unique visual and lifestyle needs.

We provide
  • Direct billing to MSP for any services they cover
  • Thorough eye health examinations
  • Refractive vision correction
  • Contact Lens Fitting: ask about our fit and vision guarantee
  • Pre- and Post-Surgical care and co-ordination with Opthalmologists
  • Ortho-K: vision correction overnight without glasses, contacts or surgery
  • Soft, disposable, coloured, rigid gas permeable (RGP) and bifocal contacts


We carry a selection of frames in every price budget from designers like Silhouette, Elle, Michael Kors, Escada, Lacoste, Guess, Cube, Modo, Helium and Humphrey. The lenses we use are guaranteed for accuracy and quality, and include brands from Essilor and Transitions. Not all progressive lenses are created equal: our ability to source a variety of progressive designs ensures that we can match you with the right lens for your job, hobby or home life.